Tuesday, December 1, 2009

End of liveblogging.

Don Ganja (NPR): "This address was seriose bizniss"

Some Republican: "But I want more troops NOW-ah!!!! We can't set a timetable, EVAR!! We have to stay in Iraq-- I mean, Afghanistan."
Bernie Fuckin' Sanders [!!!!!]: Why isn't everyone else sending troops? I'll tell you why: they know what's up. And how do we pay for this? Chinese credit and the backs of the poor. Suck ma balls, Sanders out!
A real American hero!!!! [GI JOE!!!]: "This address was seriose bizniss."
And now, NPR presents the asshattery of EJ Dionne and Matt Continetti: [I'm not even going to try to parse their shit.]
Me: Well liberals, we had a good run there for about 5 minutes during the primaries, I think. But now, the Obama presidency is over. I thought he would last at least as long as Clinton, I really did. In the end, I think the minefield set by Bush (Iraq, tax cuts, torture, tanking the economy) was just too much. The Village refuses to allow bold change, and Dems are too cowardly to resist them and do what needs to be done. Today, we saw the successful completion of a coup that started a while ago. We now have a new president. This one is only a quarter black:

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