Friday, June 4, 2010

Eric Cantor needs your help.

His homework project is to cut spending in a recession, thereby weakening the national recovery (such as it is) and providing succor to foreign bond markets. However, he does not know where to start because he is, in fact, only 12 years old. You can give young Eric your ideas on how to cut the budget at this website. But if you ask me, the budget cuts he has featured are pretty miniscule: in the 10-100 million dollar range. In order to counteract Obama's huge stimulus package, for instance, you need cuts on the order of 100 billion to 1 trillion. Here are my ideas on how to approach the appropriate level of cuts:
  • end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • end all funding for fancy weapons systems
  • legalize marijuana
  • end mandatory minimum sentencing and three-strike laws
What do you think? If you agree, tell little Eric.

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