Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fun with terrorism material-support statutes

The SCOTUS terrorism support ruling yesterday outlawed consultations with terrrorist groups on how to resolve their disputes peacefully. However, the majority made clear that advocating on behalf of a terrorist group without consulting with them is perfectly legal. Allow me to be one of the first to take advantage of this allowance and advocate on behalf of the PKK vis-a-vis their dispute with what's-his-name. (It will become painfully clear that I did not consult with the PKK before writing this.)

I support the PKK's position on establishing an autonomous region within the region they are in right now, as long as they do so peacefully, or as long as they do so in a multilateral armed conflict condoned by the U.N.. They should NOT terrorize people, however. That would be terrorism, which I do not support with any materials whatsoever. The PKK are a noble people with a culture dating back to that time Christ paid them a visit. They have a proud tradition of establishing regional hegemony-- often in multiple regions simultaneously. Their hobbies include nomadic herding, horn-blowing, and ceramic-working. They probably ride horses. Actually, you know what they're like? They're like the Kingdom of Rohan in Lord of the Rings. So they're pretty kickass. We can trust them. Fin.

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